January 18, 2024

All about linings

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When it comes to winter boots, everyone has different needs. Choosing the right lining is essential to fully enjoy cold days. Martino tells you everything about insulating materials to help you make the right choice and as have much fun as possible this winter.

Warmth 🌡️
Breathability 💨 💨 💨
Comfort zone -10º to +15º Celsius*

In collaboration with insulation experts, Martino has developed an exclusive synthetic fabric called Amitex. This is the lightest lining in our boot range. It is categorized as our “3 seasons” liner, meaning it is usually ideal for spring, fall or milder winter days. Amitex-lined boots are also the best friends of days at the office, when you go from outside to inside without changing shoes. This unique microfiber fabric is breathable: it allows air to circulate, thus eliminating moisture that might be present in the boots.

In winter, Martino boots lined with Amitex may be suitable for people living in urban areas, metro commuters or those who take short trips by car. They are also popular with shoppers who frequently go from outside to inside. They are not recommended for prolonged outdoor activities in cold temperatures.

Warmth 🌡️🌡️
Breathability 💨 💨 💨
Comfort zone -25º to -5º Celsius*

Looking for warmth and comfort? Natural sheep wool is known for its insulating and breathable properties. Martino uses wool with a density of 650 grams per square meter, made from 100% natural sheep wool. This means that our wool lining is thick, soft, very comfortable and contains no synthetic materials. It also offers great breathability. By absorbing and repelling moisture, it keeps feet warm and dry, making it ideal all winter long and in all circumstances.

Martino boots lined with 100% natural wool may be suitable for people who spend long periods of time outside, parents who play outside with the kids, winter walkers or public transport users.

Warmth 🌡️🌡️🌡️ +
Breathability 💨💨💨💨
Comfort zone -35º to 0º Celsius*

What is the difference between a wool lining and a sheepskin lining? The words speak for themselves. The first consists of weaving wool fibers collected from the sheep, usually by shaving. The second literally includes, in addition to the animal's wool, the layer of skin, just like fur. Often called “shearling”, this combination of wool and skin constitutes a very effective additional insulating barrier. This natural insulating material is the warmest on the market, but also the most expensive.

Martino incorporates shearling into strategic parts of certain boots. These styles are intended for people who spend long periods of time outdoors and want better insulation. It is not uncommon to see people wearing their shearling boots barefoot.

In need of more warmth?

A simple way to add even more warmth and comfort to your winter boots is to insert a removable insole. Martino's sole is made from genuine sheepskin. Very warm and cozy, it has a high insulating power by adding an additional layer of protection where the contact of the foot is closest to the frozen ground, the sole. Please note: this additional layer obviously takes up more space. If you plan to add an insulating sole to your winter boots, allow the necessary space when purchasing to avoid being too cramped. A boot that is too tight does not allow air and blood to circulate and can result in... frozen feet. ❄️

*The suggested comfort zone is a general comparison value. Cold tolerance may vary from person to person.