Martino combine expertise et passion dans la confection de bottes d'hiver à la hauteur du climat canadien depuis 1956

Quality and innovation over generations

Martino, des chaussures et des bottes fièrement faits au canada avec passion depuis 1956

A story of passion

Auclair et Martineau was founded in 1956 in Quebec City by Mister Henri Auclair and Mister Jules Martineau. From the beginning, the company specialize in the creation of traditional slippers and moccasins. At the time, they craft the shoes the way their ancestors did: the natural leather is carefully selected and assembled by hand to ensure a superior quality product

The company experience significant growth in the early 1980s, reaching a production of one million pairs of moccasins per year. In 1995, Xavier Leclercq takes over the company and develop a new market: winter boots adapted to Quebec's harsh climate. In 2007, his son, Jonathan Leclercq - current president - become the owner. The company pursues the same mission but then takes an international turn under the name of Martino by exporting its creations to Japan, China, South Korea and Europe.

In 2012, the Amimoc boutique in Quebec City opens. Located in the renowned Quartier Petit Champlain, it becomes the first direct point of sale and will serve as a laboratory for research and development. It was also through the store that the iconic Banff boot is popularized and immediately modernizes the face of the Quebec company. This instant success leads to the creation of an online sales platform.

In 2022, the Quebec store as well as the transactional website will resume the original name of Martino in order to reinforce the actions of the company under one single banner. Today, Martino is still appreciated for its legendary moccasins, but also for its range of internationally renowned winter boots as well as its exclusive collections launched each year.

Martino, une équipe humaine pour vous servir
Trust our expertise

65 years in the making is worth-it!

Always evolving

More than 65 years after its founding, the Martino team still operates its Quebec City factory and employs more than 100 people who work with passion to create, manufacture and market genuine leather boots, shoes, moccasins and accessories.

Martino, des chaussures en cuir véritable originales et de qualité, fabriqué au Québec
Today, the Martino brand is among the most famous Canadian winter boot manufacturers.

Martino, des produits stylés pour tous les goûts, des bottes chaudes et imperméables pour toutes les saisons

A single pair of boots draws on the talent and passion of about fifty people, thus promoting job creation and the development of local expertise.

Since the fall of 2017, a new Teseo machine has made its debut at the factory to meet the growing demand. Automation is used to reduce raw material waste and allow for more precision when cutting small parts. Some of our employees, like Yvon who has been with us for 25 years, have been trained to use this advanced technology. No jobs have been lost and we are proud to offer our team new knowledge. Combining age-old techniques with cutting-edge technology, Martino boots are warm, water-resistant, and meet the needs of contemporary living.

Martino, une équipe passionnée et dévouée à créer des chaussures de grande qualité

350 pairs per day

Today, more than 350 pairs of shoes are produced every day. All stages of manufacturing being closely linked, each of our products becomes a collective work of art that witnesses the daily work of our talented team.

Anatomy of a shoe

Several steps come to play in the making of a shoe or a boot.

It is hard to imagine that, not so long ago, each piece of each style in each size had its own die used to cut the leather. We still use this traditional method for cutting some of the designs, but fortunately we can now rely on the Teseo machine to help us.

Approximately 40 workers are in action each day to sew every piece of the boot, from the inside to the outside

This is the most critical step. The glue is applied to the sole and then heated. The high temperature of the oven varies depending on the material of the soleplate. This is then assembled by hand on the formed boot.

Clean, shine and protect! Each shoe is carefully inspected before being placed in inventory or sent to your home. That's it! You know everything.

Martino combine expertise et passion dans la confection de bottes d'hiver à la hauteur du climat canadien
Canadian and proud to be

We are proud to create, in Quebec City, superior quality products with an international reputation.

« My first Martino winter boots allowed me to fall in love with a Quebec company that manufactures unique, high-quality products. I can't wait for winter to come back so I can wear them again, that says it all! »
_Marie-Noëlle Harvey / Quebec

« My Nelson boots are truly the best boots I've had in my life. I wear them in spring, fall and winter. I love their urban look which reminds me of the famous “jobber” boot with a little something extra! »
_Sylvain Laberge / Quebec

« Since I discovered Banff boots, I can't live without them. They keep my feet warm despite the freezing winter temperatures when I go for a long walk. Comfort, quality and originality are found in this handcrafted product. I love Martino! »
_Claire Lafond / Quebec

« A big thank you to Michel who helped me in the exchange of my moccasins. Now that I have the right size, I can definitely say that these are the most comfortable shoes in the world!!! »
_Katherine Malo / Quebec